Case studies

Click on the case studies below to read more about a range of studies undertaken to understand how powders and machine parameters can affect final build, and environmental effects on powder composition.

Case Study | Maraging Steel: The effects of alloy chemistry on processability

LPW's applications engineers analyse and resolve issues with mechanical properties in M300 built parts

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Case Study | Porosity – Powder or process derived?

Understanding the sources and impact of porosity in AM

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Case study | Nitrogen vs argon atomisation of 17-4 PH stainless steel

How AM atomisation methods affect final mechanical properties

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Case study | Vacuum vs non-vacuum melted gas atomised powders

Vacuum vs non-vacuum melted gas atomised powders

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Case Study | The metal powder processing window

Metal powder response to AM processing conditions.

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Case study | Plasma Spheroidisation

Plasma Spheroidisation for improved metal powder flow and packing properties.

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Case study | Laser size diffraction

Laser size diffraction for LPW 316 powder.

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Case study | Evolution of oxygen content

Evolution of oxygen content in Ti-6Al-4V grade 23 powder samples.

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Case study | Root Cause Analysis

Using LPW’s lab to rapidly complete a Root Cause Analysis of Powder Contamination.

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Technical library

Information about the standard Additive Manufacturing powders provided by LPW Technology.


Our brochures provide an overview of Additive Manufacturing powders and services from LPW Technology, download them here.

Powder production

An explanation of common powder production methods and their main advantages and disadvantages.

Research & development

Details of the pioneering programmes of collaborative research LPW Technology is working on with partner organisations.